About District Bar Association Fatehgarh Sahib

About BAR

The Bar Association Fatehgarh Sahib came into existence in the 13th April 1992 when Fatehgarh Sahib was declared as district. In the year 1995 court of Additional District & sessions Judge was setup.The luminaries of the association have not only contributed to the legal fraternity but have played important roles in other key posts recognizing themselves as well known Statesmen, Politicians and Public men who revolutionized the socio-economic state and changed the perspective outlook of the society.The Association has formed the Bye law setting its own rules and regulations to coordinate and administer the members and staff for the better management and smooth functioning of the Association.

The first governing council members were elected in the year 1992 itself and Sh. Davinder Singh Chakkal was the first President of this Bar. Apart from this the bar Association Fatehgarh is consisting many legal luminaries like Sarv Sh. Nirmal Kumar Puri, T.S. Salana, J.S.Cheema, N.S. Tiwana, G.S.Saini, A.S.Cheema, A.S.Dharni, R.S.kang, R.N.Goyel, P.C.Joshi, senior Advocates who played their best role for the betterment of bar.

The present membership comes to Approx. 400 in number, and is growing by time. The relationship with bench and bar is very smooth and cordial and it is well known for the decent and aristocratic behavior of the members. The quality of the members and professional standards of Bar Association is highly remarkable and unquestionable in the entire legal fraternity. The Fatehgarh Sahib Bar Association hope that they provide the society a view of the law that has come alive through its dynamic interpretation assisted by the indispensable role of a sensitive and committed bar though the years and also to carry on the mantle of glorious heritage.

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