President Message

President's Message

Tejinder Singh Dhiman
President , District Bar Association Fatehgarh Sahib
Respected bar members, hope that you all are secure & safe in this covid 19 pandemic. As you all are very well aware that our Bar Association have website which is made by our previous executive under the presidentship of Sh. B.M. singh Advocate. This website is very much useful for our bar members in this era of technology. Our website connected us with other bar associations on state level, National level as well as international level.

This technology proved to be very helpful for our Bar Association to connect it with Hon'ble High court Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh As well as Bar council Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh.

I hope that in coming future our young lawyers will take more benefit of it. Strength of our Bar Association is increased by the time our executive body decided to update it so all Bar members could join the website & to take benefit of it in their Professional front because technology always brought prosperity and proved to be time saver.

I also prayed before almighty that Honour of this prestigious bar will become more impressive in future.

Tejinder Singh Dhiman
Advocate | President DBA Fatehgarh Sahib

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